$200 Million Fiber-Optic Broadband Network to Break Ground in Rio Grande Valley

Vexus Fiber has announced plans to build a new $200 million fiber-optic broadband network in the Rio Grande Valley region including the cities of Mission, Edinburg, Harlingen, and surrounding areas. The 100% fiber-to-the-home network will be funded entirely by Vexus Fiber through capital investments and will offer residents and businesses access to a multi-gigabit symmetrical speed internet service and more.

Construction is set to begin by year’s end, and the new network will connect nearly 175,000 homes and businesses to its 100% fiber network. The estimated duration for construction is expected to be 36 months, with Phase I construction beginning soon.

According to a statement, the project will create job opportunities including 200 construction jobs and 150 permanent jobs within the Rio Grande Valley region.

"Residents of the Rio Grande Valley will now have a new, competitive choice for internet, TV, and phone services. Our network will be built with future-proof technology that will not only provide homes and businesses with multi-gigabit speeds but will also foster growth and economic development for the Rio Grande Valley region," Jim Gleason, CEO of Vexus, said. "Demands on bandwidth are high in homes today. Activities such as working from home, online learning, and multiple video streams mean residents need a network that delivers lightning-fast upload and download speeds. Vexus plans to bring both multi-gigabit speeds and great Texas-based customer service to the region."

Based on Vexus Fiber’s assessment, the investment of the new infrastructure is expected to increase the region’s property values, create employment opportunities, and generate greater appeal for future business investments, such as startups and remote employment. Improved opportunities in education, agriculture, and healthcare will also result from the network, all while providing a critical service to residents of the RGV.

To learn more about Vexus Fiber, visit their website.