Texas Real Estate Market To Start Trending Toward 3-D Printed Homes To Address Housing Challenges

With a skilled labor shortage and increased demand, homebuilders are leaning into the benefits of technology to keep up with the ever-evolving real estate market.

3-D Printed Neighborhood Concept
Credit: ICON & Lennar

As it stands, the Texas real estate market is white-hot, and the industry is looking to tech innovations to keep up. Dallas-based startup Von Perry announced it would begin construction of the first 3D-printed 1,700 square ft. home in Nevada, TX — a southeastern enclave in Collin County. The three-bedroom, two-bath house will be constructed using contour crafting methodology.

Contour crafting includes the process of depositing the concrete layer by layer to create structures, reducing costs and environmental impact. Expected to be completed in February 2022, this home will construct using a 3D-printing mix made with locally sourced materials. It will be the first 3D-printed building in the country to use a regular concrete mix.

Skilled Labor Shortages and Demand Are Driving Innovation

In addition to increased demand for housing in states like Texas, a lack of skilled labor coupled with construction delays increases construction costs for builders. Concrete 3D printing (3DCP) is an automated process for completing concrete structures and requires fewer people on worksites.

"3DCP is a pioneering way of construction; it can solve the labor shortage and high costs. Presently, construction is a very fragmented industry, with a slow rate of innovation and productivity. Managing construction projects and finishing them on time is a huge challenge. Our team at Von Perry is developing technology to consolidate 3D printing construction through digitization," Sebin Joseph, Co-Founder and CTO of Von Perry, said in a press release.

Neighborhood of 3-D Printed Homes to Break Ground in Austin

2022 looks to be a banner year for 3D printed homes as Austin-based construction tech company ICON will break ground to build 100 homes located in the Austin area. ICON and Miami-based homebuilder Lennar expect the project to begin in 2022 and will feature varying single-story floor plans. ICON anticipates the project will be the largest of its kind globally. The move to further advance 3D printing technology in the homebuilding sector is touted as a promising path for the delivery of affordable, technology-driven homes.

"Additive manufacturing has the potential to revolutionize the built environment as it gets adopted by the industry at scale," Martin Voelkle, Partner at the Bjarke Ingels Group, said in a media release. "By partnering with ICON and Lennar, we are able to see this new technology roll out to the widest possible audience. The 3D-printed architecture and the photovoltaic roofs are innovations that are significant steps towards reducing waste in the construction process, as well as towards making our homes more resilient, sustainable, and energy self-sufficient."


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