Texas-Based BuySTARcase.com Named CES 2022 Innovation Award Honoree

STARcase's Smart LED Battery Case allows you to "unlock your world without unlocking your phone."


The progress of smartphones through the 2010s is incredible. In 2011, 35% of Americans said they used a smartphone, compared to the 85% who say they currently use one.

Innovation did not just stop with the actual devices as well. We have wireless earbuds, headphones, faster networks through 4G and 5G, and even smart cases for your phone.

An App-Controlled Phone Case

In Texas, Longview-based STARcase has created a tech-focused phone case that allows you to:

  • Displays calls, texts, emails, and notifications through the STARcase itself; all customizable through their app.

  • Automatically charge your phone with its built-in battery.

  • Instantly see its customized notifications from across the room.

The app-controlled case incorporates an LED display that can produce both 'shows' and 'light icons.' BuySTARcase.com classifies shows as moving patterns and light icons as static images that you can either set as a default or customize per individual.

"We're engineers, and we've proved the technology," CEO Tom Coverstone said. "We do have it for sale on our website, but we're looking for investors or someone, collaborators, to take us to the next level."


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