ARound Transforms the Fan Experience Through Augmented Reality

ARound aims to alter the way we view sports and live events by focusing on building communities through Augmented Reality.


TXi's Jason Halsey caught up with Josh Beatty, Founder and CEO at ARound, to discuss the future of Augmented Reality at CES 2022 in Las Vegas.

ARound Connects Fans and Players Through Persistent, Relevant, and Shared Experiences

As our society dives deeper into the digital age, more experiences traditionally had in the analog world are now entering the digital world with technology such as Augmented Reality (AR). AR bridges the gap between the physical and virtual world, allowing users to interact in ways never before possible. You may have heard of Virtual Reality (VR), which is of the same premise, with the only difference being total immersion into the virtual world. With AR, users are grounded in the physical world but can integrate the virtual world into their physical surroundings. One of the most famous examples of this is Pokémon Go, with its seemingly earth-shattering release in the summer of 2016.

The possibilities are endless when leveraging AR, a technology that allows consumers to interact with brands, services, and communities in new and innovative ways. One company doing just that is ARound AR, the winner of Stagwell Inc's annual innovation competition.

Around AR leverages AR for marketing during live events, such as sports. They believe that "the best connections come from experiences that are persistent, relevant, and shared."

Texas is home to eight professional sports teams from Houston to Dallas; what if fans could now have a personal connection to their favorite Texas Ranger or Houston Astro straight from the third-base dugout?


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