Austin-Based Cybersecurity Startup Closes On $2 Million Seed Round From LiveOak Venture Partners

As more people turn to remote work amid the ongoing pandemic, cybersecurity concerns are challenging companies to implement greater barriers against customer data and privacy breaches. Austin-based cybersecurity startup Intrigue looks to lend its expertise to protect companies from attacks and announced it has closed on a $2 million seed round led by Austin’s LiveOak Venture Partners.

According to a disseminated news release, Intrigue announced its plans to use the funds on product development of its Attack Surface Management platform, as well as to foster the developer community around “Intrigue Core, the open-source asset discovery project that serves as the backbone of its enterprise solutions.”

Intrigue’s focus is to address gaps in asset and vulnerability management and to partner with leading security teams to monitor and mitigate the threat of cyberattacks.

“Intrigue began with the idea that security teams must be able to scale to enable innovation while also managing an ever-growing and changing attack surface. To do this well, however, requires deep visibility of assets and awareness of their exposure to threat actors,” Cran said in a news release.

New technologies lead companies to have to manage new and emerging security threats, and Intrigues mission seeks to solve a difficult problem via a simple and usable solution, to provide the most value to its customers. Through their efforts, Intrigue maps and secures all internet-facing assets throughout an organization, as more companies advance to cloud-based services, SaaS, and mobile products and become more vulnerable to the risk of vulnerability and attack.

“LiveOak is super excited about our partnership with Intrigue. We move quickly and early when we see this rare combination of rapid customer adoption and a founding team that defines technical expertise. Intrigue’s ability to solve a very difficult problem via a simple and usable solution adds a lot of value to a lot of people and sets it apart from the standard market hype,” Creighton Hicks, Principal at LiveOak Venture Partners said in a news release.