Austin-Based Hypori Secures $20 Million in Latest Funding Round

To promote continued growth, Hypori, an Austin-based company developing security software for mobile devices, has received $20 million from its latest funding round led by GreatPoint Ventures of San Francisco. The security and management technology company creates solutions for security concerns, a critical issue in today’s workplace as more companies pivot to remote environments where employees are more likely to use personal devices.

Co-founders Justin Marston and Brian Vetter developed the software in 2011 with the U.S. Department of Defense, to offer more secure access to sensitive data while working remotely. To date, the company’s portfolio includes federal agencies and corporations; through the latest funding, Hypori will reach new markets, including fintech and health care.

Hypori’s platform is touted as forensically proven to deter data from being transferred or stored to physical endpoint devices. The platform also implements its “Zero Trust” which helps offset costs associated with device management, mobile OS versions, and other costs related to compromised data on devices.

The latest announcement also includes the mention of Ray Lane, Managing Director at GreatPoint Ventures and former President and COO of Oracle, joining the Hypori board. Lane told Business Wire, "Hypori is solving a crucial BYOD pain point - data security and secure remote accessibility," said Lane. "Recent security breaches across the globe have driven the need for trusted platforms like Hypori...we look forward to working with and growing Hypori to meet these needs."

Hypori has also been recognized in various recent cybersecurity competitions, including The 2021 Cybersecurity Excellence Award, The 2021 Thomas Edison Award, The 2021 Global Infosec Cyber Defense Awards, The 2020 George C. Marshall International Center's Defense Innovations Award, and The 2020 Washington Technology's Government Innovations Award.

For more information, read the original article from the Austin American-Statesman.