Bank of America Grants $1 Million to Redbird Health Center

Photo via Focus Daily News

The Bank of America Charitable Foundation recently awarded $1 Million in grant money to Parkland Health and Hospital System’s new RedBird Health Center.

The new center will offer Dallas County residents vital health services starting in September when it’s set to open, as reported by Focus Daily News.

“Guided by Bank of America’s commitment to helping our communities move forward, we deeply appreciate the opportunity to partner with Parkland and the RedBird Health Center,” Jennifer Chandler, Bank of America Dallas President said. “We understand the persisting challenges many areas of our city face in accessing quality healthcare, including southern Dallas County, and we are honored to play a part in this project and support Parkland’s mission to serve the most vulnerable in our community.”

In recent years, Dallas County has noticed a significant influx in the number of vulnerable community members as the population has risen. As a result, there’s been an increasing need for affordable and accessible health services for all.

According to a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) conducted by Parkland, there are overwhelming disparities in access to medical care that has contributed to a 25-year gap between ZIP codes with the greatest and lowest life expectancies.

“Today in Dallas County your ZIP code is a better predictor of health than your genetic code,” Christina Mintner, Senior Vice President of Population Health at Parkland said. “We believe that where you live should not define how long and how well you live. That’s why we’re building the new RedBird Health Center in the heart of southern Dallas County, to fight the inequities in healthcare.”

Many Parkland residents typically visit the emergency room to treat diabetes and other specialty health issues and are having to deal with complications on their own and only show up at a healthcare facility when the matter becomes urgent.

The health center has also mentioned implementing telehealth calls and virtual screenings to help address transportation barriers that some residents face.

Overall, this new health facility will prove to be monumental to Dallas County residents and the funding provided by Bank of America will not only better people’s lives but make a difference in the community.

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