Beaucycles Set to Roll Out in Beaumont

The Beaumont Community will soon be able to roll around in style throughout Beaumont and enjoy all that the city has to offer.

'Beaucycles,' are rideshare bikes available that were created by the Beaumont Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB). Currently, 24 bikes are set to be offered, as reported by 12 News.

The bikes are being offered as a rental and can be conveniently returned to four different locations including the Beaumont Convention and Visitor's Bureau (505 Willow st.), Beaumont Civic Center (701 Main St.), and the Downtown Event Centre (700 Crockett St.).

The Beaumont CVB is aiming to make the system as user-friendly as possible and said it hopes to implement QR codes on sidewalks, giving riders access to do-it-yourself routes.

According to Cristina Lokey, Beaumont CVB’s marketing director, the QR codes enable riders to see different murals and explore scavenger hunts throughout the city.

“These are what we call like a heavy-duty leisure bike,” Lokey said. “They are not going to necessarily go more than 30 mph. It is something that is regulated [by] the state and federal government. It is a very inexpensive bike rental. We are talking like $5 for three hours.”

While it is typical for ride-sharing systems to implement safety measures, Lokey noted that these bikes have a unique theft prevention system.

"Each one of them have their own bike lock to the side that you are able to take the key to," Lokey said. "So, for many of our areas we may not necessarily have racks, but we do not need them because the bike locks itself."

What is different about Beaucycles?

Well, they are cost-efficient to ride and have a tech-savvy sign-up system.

A smartphone is necessary to rent a Beaucycle, as the app will need to be downloaded to ride.

"You just get the app, and then make a make an account; it is really quick,” she said. “You pay your $5 and anybody can go, and I think there is going to be a waiver so kids can do it, but generally it is 18 and up."

The Beaucycles will roll out within the coming weeks.

Any local Beaumont citizen or Texan seeking more information over the Beaucyles should view the Beaumont CVB page for more information.

Video taken from 12 News Now on YouTube.