Lawyers in San Antonio Agree That Martinez & Associates, PLLC Stands Above the Rest

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

For personal injury needs, Martinez & Associates, PLLC, led by Desi Martinez, has innovated to take on large corporations and help out "the folks."


San Antonio Law Firms

As the nation’s seventh-largest city, San Antonio is home to some incredible organizations. One aspect of River City that is not as heavily talked about is the density of elite attorneys. Currently, the San Antonio Bar Association includes over 3,000 attorneys.

It is easy to find a great attorney in each area of the law ranging from personal injury to medical malpractice but working with ones you trust in today’s world is just as important. Not every firm or attorney does their due diligence to correctly identify the truth in each case, which is the area where Desi Martinez and Martinez & Associates, PLLC separate themselves from the rest of the pack.

Not one of, but the best Lawyers in San Antonio

In 2021, the San Antonio-Express News named Martinez & Associates, PLLC as the best law firm in San Antonio.

The best part? The vote wasn’t particularly close, as a representative shared that the firm won by an astonishing 20-to-1 margin.

To receive an accolade of this magnitude from the largest publication in the city, which is voted on by the cities law firms, businesses, and community members, is yet another indicator that Desi’s approach is second to none.

Experience Desi’s engaging and authentic personality in our Innovator Spotlight: Who is Desi Martinez?


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