Bring Your Plastics to Life With iSmell

The Austin-based startup has created a biodegradable phone case that brings your devices' case to life through a fresh scent.


There was no greater joy than having scented markers for coloring as a kid. Now, adults can tap into that nostalgia with a new product seen at CES 2022 in Las Vegas.

Scented Plastics May Solve Our Waste Problem

Co-creator of TXi, Jason Halsey, stopped by the iSmell, LLC booth in Las Vegas to chat with the Austin-based company's co-founder and project manager Aleksandra Fardanov to discuss iSmell's solution to the global plastic waste problem.

iSmell has developed eco-friendly, non-toxic, vegan, and biodegradable plastic phone cases that are scented. That's right, a scented, biodegradable phone case aimed at reducing the amount of plastic waste in our environment. iSmell phone cases are currently up for pre-order, offering bubble gum and orange scents.

"We just finished [the] prototype stage; we did all [the] certification[s],"

Fardanov said. "Our plan for right now [is to] launch this product in February on [a] Kickstarter campaign. And after that, we will [be] ready to sell [on] our own shop, Amazon ... we are looking for partners who can help us too."


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