C1 Innovation Lab, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas Partner With Capital Factory

With all of the widescale innovation our great state produces, we are fortunate to have top-level innovators and entrepreneurs making positive changes in healthcare.

Dallas-based C1 Innovation Lab (C1), Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) have teamed up with a state leader for innovation, Capital Factory (CF).

C1 is operated by Health Care Services Corporation, the largest customer-owned health insurance company in the US, which happens to own BCBSTX.

The innovation lab is already connected to the healthcare industry; with this new partnership, C1, BCBSTX, and CF look to reach all entrepreneurs and innovators across Texas to spur innovative health and technology solutions.

“This collaboration will provide us opportunities to engage with new technologies and entrepreneurs on the cutting edge of healthcare innovation that can help us guide how we interact with customers at all stages of health,” Summer Wright Collins, associate vice president of design and innovation for BCBSTX said in a statement. “By participating in this process, we are seeking to contribute to our growth by creating innovative, competitive market offerings.”

The partnership between the three entities creates a fantastic opportunity for each company to use its resources for true change in our Texas communities.

BCBSTX is the largest customer-owned insurer in the state, and CF has been a pioneer in creating massive innovation hubs and communities throughout the state. BCBSTX plans to increase the collaboration between the two organizations by being the first healthcare member to join CF’s innovation council. This will allow BCBSTX and C1 to tap into CF’s contacts, startups, investors, and accelerators to bring together innovators in healthcare, customer service, technology, insurance providers, and many more.

“Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas’ membership boldly enhances our already strong health-focused community and empowers Texas startups, investors, and other Innovation Council members to realize more,” Jacques Vroom III, vice president of corporate strategy at CF, said in a statement.

From the innovation council to the connections that will be spurred in Texas cities, this collaboration from C1, BCBSTX, and CF can truly propel us into the next generation of innovation for Texas.

For more information, read the original article from Dallas Innovates.