Celebration of Scottish Rite for Children Highlights 100 Years of Innovative Treatment in Texas

Scottish Rite for Children has innovated and served Dallas for 100 years.


Scottish Rite for Children, the Dallas-based pediatric orthopedic institution, celebrates 100 years of providing quality care through innovative treatments to heal children’s muscles, joints, and bones.

Founded in 1921 amid the polio epidemic, Scottish Rite was formed when a group of Texas Masons approached Dallas’ first orthopedic surgeon, W.B. Carrell, M.D., to discuss providing treatment to children affected by polio, regardless of their families ability to pay. Per the release, their reputation was soon solidified as a "one-of-a-kind place made specifically for kids, attracting families from across the state."

“For 100 years, Scottish Rite for Children’s mission has never wavered,” Robert L. Walker, president, and CEO said in a press release. “Throughout the years, each staff member, volunteer, trustee, friend, and donor has focused on how we can improve the lives of the children we serve locally and around the world.”

Scottish Rite for Children was formed in the earliest days of orthopedics, and since its inception has worked toward revolutionizing the industry through patient care, research and education. Offering a range of services and treatments for its patients, individuals who have benefitted from care at Scottish Rite for Children have "gone on to be superheroes and represent the U.S. in the Tokyo Olympics and as the Ambassador to Sweden."

With three locations in North Texas, the organization is known as a bright, child-friendly place made to look and feel less like a hospital and more like a cheerful wellness destination. Visitors are encouraged to be inspired by positivity thanks in part to the surroundings complete with colorful doors framed with bright red crayons and any of the 1,000 volunteers that work daily to affect change at Scottish Rite for Children.


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