Dallas-Based Hari Mari Opens Flagship Store In Revitalized Knox District

Premium Dallas-based footwear brand Hari Mari announced it will open its first brick-and-mortar store as part of an eye-catching 3,500-square-foot flagship shop located in the City’s newly revitalized Knox District. The company founded in 2012 by Jeremy and Lila Stewart has garnered acclaim for its flip flop lines, and recently expanded its product line to include a broader range of lifestyle and footwear designs.

“We’ve dreamed of opening our store since the day we started Hari Mari,” Jeremy Stewart shared in a statement. “From store design and product mix to the details like music playlists, types of drinks served, and even the scent of the candles burned in the store, it’s beyond exciting to fill in those pieces of Hari Mari’s brand puzzle and share them with our customers.”

The new space was designed to encapsulate the feel of a relaxing retreat and features a bar, yoga classes, and a second-floor party space. Hari Mari launched with a vision to improve the lives of others, following Stewart’s time in Indonesia where they worked to bring solutions to improve children's lives. As Jeremy filmed a documentary highlighting the plight of the suffering in Southeast Asia, Lila volunteered with the American Women’s Association to support orphanages in Jakarta. These philanthropic endeavors paved the way for a continued commitment to service via their efforts in donating a portion of sales to help the fight against pediatric cancer through the Flops Fighting Cancer campaign.

The new store signals an optimistic look at what’s to come for the company and the community, with Hari Mari President Jake Szczepanski seeing organic growth as the next step, “Hari Mari believes we can go on the offensive by going into retail as the country returns to normal after the pandemic,” Szczepanski said in the statement. “Coupled with the fact that the brand saw momentum during the pandemic, we are poised to expand not only at the retail level but to also expand into additional product categories and opportunities,” added the former Billy Reid founder and CEO.

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Photo courtesy of DallasInnovates.com