Dallas-Based Rollin’ N Bowlin’ Rolls Out College Mentorships, Grants

Texas Christian University (TCU) Alumni Sophia Karbowski and Austin Patry started their mission with the first Rollin’ n Bowlin’ food truck on TCU’s campus in 2017. Now, they have five brick-and-mortar stores and a pre-packaged smoothie line. The young smoothie moguls are taking that success even further and are giving back with a new development: a mentorship and grant program for student entrepreneurs.

Rollin’ n Bowlin’ founders Karbowski and Patry, both entrepreneurial management students at the time, saw a void in healthy food options in Fort Worth and on TCU’s campus. This inspired them to fill the gap with a hip, mobile food truck offering smoothies and smoothie bowls, making their delicious offerings available to students all over campus. They were, and still are, on a mission to “spread healthy vibes.”

Since opening the food truck, they have expanded to storefront cafes, an e-commerce site, and a retail brand. The company boasts nine flavors, five locations, packaged products available at grocery stores, and a subscription-based service online and via Amazon. Taking what they have built, Karbowski and Patry now hope to use their success as a platform to elevate other student entrepreneurs through their incubator dubbed “Bowls n Goals.”

“Bowls n Goals” is a semester-long mentorship and grant program designed for student startups nationwide by offering direct experience, a $1000 grant, networking, and publicity opportunities for their companies.

Karbowski and Patry see this initiative as their way of giving back to those who are starting on a similar path – young entrepreneurs with a mission and a vision.

The inaugural cohort for “Bowls n Goals” are all TCU students, and the program will last from August to November 2021.

The participants of the inaugural cohort are Madison Rust, Cooper Neel, and Austin Foster:

Madison Rust, a second-year at TCU, is the founder of Mello Swim, a sustainable swimwear apparel brand that aims to inspire others to be expressive and confident in their skin. She hopes to make additional swimsuit samples and increase marketing efforts with her grant.

Cooper Neel, a second-year at TCU, is the founder of coopdeThé, a company that makes fruit-based tea with organic and fair-trade ingredients. Neel has established formulas for four core flavors. He plans to use the grant for overhead and to set up taste tests. As a part of the community impact of his venture, he plans to donate a percentage of profits to support people with learning disabilities.

Austin Foster, a fourth-year and soon-to-be graduate of TCU, is the founder of Runner’s, a pilsner that mirrors the “National Bohemian Beer” in his hometown of Baltimore. Taking inspiration from roadrunners found in South and West Texas, Foster hopes to build a statewide brand that captures the loyalty of younger generations. He plans to use the grant to procure beer samples and lay the foundation for funding the brand.

“We’re already so incredibly proud of our first class of Bowls n Goals entrepreneurs. Each was chosen for their ability to clearly articulate the vision and mission for their companies, and we cannot wait to help them in their unique entrepreneurial journeys. We will stand by them and hope to further build a community where company founders support one another,” Rollin n Bowlin Co-Founder, Sophia Karbowski.

If you are interested in applying for “Bowls n Goals,” click here.

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