Dallas Tech Company Receives Boost From Amazon

Last June, Amazon started an initiative to better serve the Black community and minority populations by creating a program to invest in Black-owned businesses.

After widespread instances of social injustice plagued America last summer, Amazon realized that it already had a network of Black-owned businesses integrated into its network.

Danyel Surrency Jones, co-founder and CEO of POWERHANDZ, is a Dallas local who was initially selected to be a part of Amazon’s pilot program, Black Business Accelerator.

POWERHANDZ is an athletic training tech startup in Dallas that offers training and products to enhance your performance in any sport. In addition, POWERHANDZ also offers services that help athletes rehabilitate efficiently. The company does not only help top-tier and young athletes, it offers services for older generations who may need help during their physical therapy and rehabilitation processes.

When Amazon initially contacted Surrency Jones it helped open their eyes to the impact they could make by just investing in a Black-owned business. For Surrency Jones, her business received funding that has successfully helped her scale POWERHANDZ. For Amazon, they were able to what was possible when Black and women-owned businesses have the funding to thrive.

“With the Black Business Accelerator, Amazon is leaning in and understanding that if you can help a Black entrepreneur and innovator with the foundation on their platform… then you will overall be more successful,” Surrency Jones told Dallas Business Journal.

After working with Surrency Jones and other successful Black-owned businesses, Amazon used the lessons they learned to establish the Black Business Accelerator as a full program. By visiting their website, Black-owned startups can see solutions and resources for their business and can sign up for an account to apply for the accelerator program.

As for POWERHANDZ and Surrency Jones, the resources and funding gained from Amazon’s program will help establish her company as a global brand for years to come.

“I want POWERHANDZ to be a global household brand,” Surrency Jones said. “We will impact an athlete, fitness enthusiast, and patient through all stages of their life. From the kid who is trying to make the team all the way to an elderly person who has suffered from an injury.”

For more information, read the original article from Dallas Business Journal.