Day Kamp – Dallas Recap

"The Dallas startup scene undoubtedly thriving. We have many options where we host the Day Kamp event, but we knew the founders would be very receptive to this type of educational experience. We were right and shall be back." - Phil Castro, Host of Kamp reflecting on Day Kamp - Dallas


Day Kamp is an all-day experience for early-stage startup founders (and aspiring entrepreneurs) who want to understand startup fundamentals along with known secrets from startup vets who have been there and done that. Kamp has helped over 4,500 founders across the nation and has an impressive 350+ testimonials under their belt. The full-day Kamp experience is like no other sitting at the intersection of education, opportunity, and fun. Attendees experience modern-day startup education, fantastic guest speakers, investor panels, investor pitches, and a happy hour networking celebration finale to end the day right.

Recap from Day Kamp – Dallas on October 2nd, 2021:

"Day Kamp Dallas was one for the books. We laughed, we learned, we connected, and we even cried. No, seriously. One amazing new founder was very emotional after her pitch while receiving great feedback from the investor on the panel. Moments like these make the craziness of planning these events well worth it. We are here to help founders, and that's what we are going to do, one city at a time." - Phil Castro, Host of Kamp

Phil is a highly established, award-winning startup veteran from Chicago. He has been recognized as “35 Under 35”, “Startup of the Year,” “Young Leaders in Tech,” and featured in over 30+ publications like Forbes, Inc, BuzzFeed, WGN, TastyTrade, and ABC to name a few.

Phil is the man behind Kamp and provides an unforgettable experience with every workshop. He began working for portfolio companies under the Lightbank venture capital umbrella in 2008 (many unicorns started there like Groupon, MediaOcean, InnerWorkings, Tempus, Uptake, etc.) and was quickly immersed in the startup world. Since then, he has founded many successful companies and started giving back to the next wave of founders by guest lecturing at Chicago universities in his spare time. The students would often beg him to put on longer sessions, and that’s when Kamp was born. He is currently the founder of BarPass, the #1 event tool for bars post-covid-19. Phil does a great job of bringing his journey to each workshop so that every dot is connected for the founders in attendance.

Here is what speakers from the event had to say:

“It's always exciting to see entrepreneurs making progress towards their goals. Day Kamp was a fast-paced day with non-stop sessions offering guidance based on real-world experience from investors and startups sharing rules of thumb for hitting milestones and avoiding pitfalls. Phil Castro knows how to organize a powerful event that introduces fresh startup talent to experienced investors in a style that's a win-win for both.” – Mike Courtney, founder of Aperio Insights.

Mike is a researcher, ethnographer, and futurist. As a researcher, He has always been naturally curious about how consumers think and what motivates them as they interact with their environment. Mike is passionate about exploring what causes behavior and what it takes to change it.

Mike is the founder of Aperio Insights, a research agency with a software mindset. He is experienced in qualitative moderating, data analytics, and strategic foresight.

They use technology to continuously tweak methods that push teams beyond linear thinking and incremental change into ideas that change the game.

“The Dallas Kamp event for entrepreneurs was filled with valuable information, support, and lots of energy. I definitely recommend future Kamp events for anyone that recently launched a startup, is struggling with their startup, or is thinking about starting their own business.” – Kristy Alballero

Kristy is co-founder and COO of IOOGO Inc, a tech-enabled accounting services company. She has over 17 years of experience building profitable solutions. During that time, Kristy found a passion for helping startups create powerful and effective financial strategies to ensure growth and profitability. She has an MBA from UT Dallas.

Attendees, such as Jessica and Don Bahlman, co-founders of iOpen Innovations walked away from the experience having learned a lot, feeling connected with the local startup community, and finding peace knowing that they are not alone in the startup journey.

Be on the lookout for a Kamp event in your area.


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