DeLorean Motor Company Poised For Comeback After Announcing San Antonio As Site of EV Production

Updated: Feb 17

The iconic 80's car manufacturer seeks to begin electric vehicle production at its proposed manufacturing site located at Port San Antonio.

DeLorean; DeLorean EV

The automaker that truly was ahead of its time is poised to make a comeback and has identified Port San Antonio as the site for its global headquarters. DeLorean Motor Company announced plans to enter the electric vehicle production space and create approximately 450 jobs at the executive, management, and engineering levels for the Alamo City and begin production on its electric vehicle line. DeLorean also plans to partner with regional educational institutions such as Texas A&M University-San Antonio, The University of Texas at San Antonio, Trinity University, Texas State University, and others to identify prospective talent, according to a release from greater: SATX.

Community and business leaders expressed excitement for the recent announcement citing it as a major coup for San Antonio.

"The future of automotive innovation is here in San Antonio. We have invested in building the ecosystem with the engineering, tech, and cyber talent, infrastructure, and supply chain that companies need. We're about to see those investments pay tremendous dividends. I look forward to officially welcoming DeLorean to San Antonio," Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff said.

DeLorean's announcement and first look at the DeLorean EV aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday.

A Brief but Storied History

Manufactured in the U.S. from 1981 to 1982, the brand gained popularity after being featured in the Back to the Future movie franchises. Today, DeLorean provides services to the nearly 6,000 coupes still in circulation, with the carmaker continuing to act as stewards of the brand 40 years later.

As a hub for automotive manufacturing, San Antonio is fertile ground for companies like DeLorean that seek to expand their operations in blossoming ecosystems.

"We are grateful for the tremendous support we've received from the community. San Antonio boasts a growing component and vehicle manufacturing sector as well as a wide array of global advanced manufacturing operations. This allows us countless synergies between established companies and suppliers in the broader region. A deep talent pool and a strong local academic ecosystem will foster further innovation," Joost de Vries, CEO of DeLorean Motor Company, said.

Tapping Into the City’s Spirit of Innovation

DeLorean selected San Antonio for its headquarters for a number of reasons, among them, the city's proximity to the Tech Port Center and Arena, which includes collaborative lab space for prototyping new technologies.

"There is no better place than Port San Antonio, located in District 4, to be the home of the innovative DeLorean EV project. Reconceptualizing the classic DeLorean into a model that will change our future with elements of our past is a fitting project to develop at the Port, which was built on the legacy of the former Kelly Air Force Base. We are witnessing history being made as Port solidifies its position as the Innovation Capital of Texas with the upcoming opening of the Innovation Center and an evolving ecosystem centered on emerging technologies in leading industries," San Antonio City Councilwoman Dr. Adriana Rocha Garcia said.


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