Diligent Robotics is Driving the Future of Healthcare Through Moxi

Updated: Apr 11

Moxi is on the move again!

Moxi robot at Cedars-Sinai
Credit: @diligenrobotics on Instagram

When Diligent Robotics rolled out Moxi in 2019, creators Andrea Thomaz and Vivian Chu believed that their AI-powered assistant would revolutionize healthcare. As we enter 2022, Diligent stands as the only company globally with a robot that assists humans in a complex and sensitive manner.

Their heart-eyed helper has not only played a critical role in the acceptance of medical robots but has become a bit of a celebrity in the process. As Moxi completes the required tasks and goes about its day in the hospital, a plethora of selfies follow.

In Texas, Moxi has assisted nurses and workers throughout the pandemic, helping reduce the massive burnout. While the adorable robot quickly became a staple in Texas healthcare systems, Diligent and its innovation are going coast-to-coast.

Impact of Medical Robots

Medical robots are not new to the healthcare sector, with the first ones emerging in the 1980s. Since then, surgeons have used robotic technologies to assist in the operating room.

Moxi, however, is a product of the current generation of AI-powered that functions as an aide in gathering supplies, medicine, and non-invasive procedures. In addition, as we've seen with COVID, utilizing a health worker who does not transmit or spread disease is invaluable.

Nurses spend more than 30% of their time away from patients completing non-patient-facing tasks. With Moxi, healthcare professionals spend more time with their patients and less time running around, which also reduces burnout.

"What we've learned during this time of really significant staffing challenges is [that] I can't have a nurse have to walk from the fifth floor down to the pharmacy to pick up medication," Eileen Dohmann, Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer at Mary Washington Healthcare said in a video. "I can't have a CNA leave a bedside of a patient to go downstairs to get a COVID specimen container from the lab. We can't do that, but Moxi can."

More Hospitals Are Turning to Moxi

Moxi saved nurses over 700,000 steps and 300 miles in its first eight weeks on the floor. Depending on your calculations, that's roughly 100 hours more time nurses had with patients in just two months.

That impact can't be understated, which is why Diligent and Moxi have expanded to other states, starting with Cedars-Sinai in California earlier in December. Moxi's influence and presence have captivated workers and patients alike in that short period.

"One of the big positive benefits from Moxi is the staff can get a little energy out of being around the robot, even our patients and families," David Marshall, Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Executive, said. "Just the other day, I saw a picture of a child in the hospital playing peekaboo with Moxi. It has positive benefits that I wouldn't anticipate."

Since then, Diligent announced the successful implementation of Moxi at Mary Washington Healthcare in Virginia and Shannon Health Center in San Angelo.

"What we have seen is that nurses, especially during the pandemic, are working long hours and can spend an astonishing 30% of their time fetching and gathering supplies," Chu said. "We are excited to see this project begin and to watch the immediate impact Moxi will have on these teams. Nurses and clinical care teams get pulled in so many directions, and I love that we can integrate Moxi robots into the team to help relieve some of this stress."


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