Driving Innovation, Part Three | When Should You Get A Coach?

Business coaching is estimated to be nearly a $12 billion market. Business leaders and entrepreneurs reach out to business coaches like our guests today to help them build businesses at last. Summit Trek Coaching in San Antonio Texas has developed a business coaching system aimed at helping business leaders realize their full potential in life and business.

We sit down with Brian Schroller, Paul Nadeau, and Lindsay Houchen from Summit Trek Coaching along with one of their clients, Jason Casey, Hodell Window Coverings to discuss both leadership and personal reflection.

When Should You Get A Couch?

When is the moment that you sit back and say to yourself, do I need a business coach? For many, Jason Casey included, it is a few years after you get in the weeds of owning your own business. Jason knew he needed help when he reached a pain point of knowing he needed something he didn't have to lead a successful business.

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