Driving Innovation, Parts Eight & Nine | SummitTrek Coaching

Business coaching is estimated to be nearly a $12 billion market. Business leaders and entrepreneurs reach out to business coaches like our guests today to help them build businesses that last. SummitTrek Coaching in San Antonio, Texas has developed a business coaching system aimed at helping business leaders realize their full potential in life and business.

We sit down with Brian Schroller, Paul Nadeau, and Lindsay Houchen from SummitTrek Coaching along with one of their clients, Jason Casey, Hodell Window Coverings, to discuss leadership and personal reflection.

Can Business Coaching Be Personalized?

Can a business coach take their advice and mold it into my and my company's needs? Are the principles the same regardless of industry? As a result of COVID-19, every business is a startup and things are not going back to the way they were before. Working harder in the way you have always worked will not solve the problem. Trying to solve your problems without insight or perspective from others will not change the way things are. It does not matter if you are a large for-profit or a small non-profit, the principles of business coaching can enhance both types of businesses. Do not wait for things to return to the way they were, take charge and make a change.

What Will I Learn From Business Coaching?

Leaders are not perfect, they simply possess the will and ability to guide others towards a common goal or idea. Often, leaders struggle the most with delegation. You are the face of your organization, and people depend on you each day to make the right decision, do not overload yourself by taking on every task. The value of being able to delegate empowers leaders and their organizations as a whole.

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