TXi Presents: Driving Innovation Series | Wave Healthcare

Updated: May 5

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On April 1, 2008, Wave Healthcare opened its doors to provide a unique level of respiratory care to children throughout Texas. Focused on improving the lives of their patients and their caretakers, Rodney Gray founded the company with a strong conviction. Rodney took out a second mortgage and had the vision to disrupt the market. 15 years later, his company now serves over 2500 patients a month throughout Texas. TXi is excited to showcase Wave Healthcare as Texas innovators.

Their attention to patients, unwavering determination to make the lives of healthcare workers easier, and continuously improving their technology sets both Wave and Sail Healthcare apart from the rest. When someone decides to take on ventilators as a primary focus, the worst thing that could happen would be to have a child die in the hands of a caretaker who was ready and willing to care for the child, but the technology failed them. Wave Healthcare sets the bar for respiratory care for their patients and the technology that supports them.

Part One | Improving Technology to Save Lives

Part Two | Innovation Through Service: Infancy Through Adulthood

Part Three | Creating Solutions to Respiratory Risks

Adel Bougatef, MD, PhD

Dr. Bougatef, as a clinician for more than 30 years in intensive care medicine, has acquired a strong expertise in respiratory rehabilitation and mechanical ventilation technology.

In this special feature, Dr. Bougatef speaks to the innovation behind the respirator, as well as what the future will hold for respiratory care as we face challenges such as COVID-19.

Special Feature | A Conversation With Dr. Adel Bougatef


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