Earth Day 2021 Innovations

The one positive thing that 2020 did provide us with was the ability to adapt when necessary. For most things in 2020, that adaptation meant switching typical face-to-face gatherings to various virtual platforms.

Typically, EarthDay.Org throws large in-person events in celebration of the holiday. However, once the pandemic hit, the organization was forced to shift to the virtual world.

According to the article linked below, in honor of Earth Day 2021 the organization is planning “three days of climate action,” an online event that will allow people from all over the world to join them via social media and their website.

This year's Earth Day celebration further exemplifies the innovations that we at Texas Innovators aim to highlight. Through community and innovation, there is truly nothing we cannot achieve.

Read the original article about earth day from Forbes.

Visit Earth Day 2021 for more information about the holiday.