Elon Musk and Tesla Enter Texas Energy Market

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Ahead of winter 2021, Elon Musk and Tesla Energy will provide electricity to Texans and hopefully, reduce the strain on the Texas energy grid.

Tesla Solar Powered Home // Credit: Tesla

After the experience and frustration with ERCOT brought on by the winter storms that paralyzed Texas electrical grids in February 2021, a new development to Texas’ grid has emerged.

Elon Musk and Tesla Energy Ventures are to enter the Texas energy market and provide electricity for Texas residents served by ERCOT after approval of an application filed on August 16th, 2021.

On November 3rd, 2021, the Public Utility Commission of Texas released a notice of approval for Tesla Energy Ventures’ application to become a retail electric provider. Tesla Energy Ventures will provide electricity from what is described as a virtual power plant (VPP) which is essentially a cloud-based distributed power plant. In the case of Tesla, this will be realized through its network of solar and battery systems localized in residential homes. Any excess energy not used by homes leveraging Tesla technology will be redirected back to the grid.

Potential Benefits of Tesla's Entrance

As Tesla’s system is built out and becomes more viable, the opportunity presents itself for Texans to have a more diversified energy market which may lead to less strain on the grid, potentially alleviating the frustrations experienced by Texans in February. Though Tesla’s share of the ERCOT market is in the early stages, the potential for a significant shift in market dynamics, mainly competition between electricity providers, will hopefully benefit Texas residents.

Competition in energy markets such as the one provided by ERCOT is not a bad thing, as it gives consumers more options and the potential to see a reduction in prices. To see an innovator such as Elon Musk stepping into the Texas electricity market may provide a sigh of relief to those who already utilize Musk’s products.

Texas Power

The company will be able to sell energy to areas such as Dallas-Fort Worth or Houston. However, residents of localities that utilize co-ops or municipal energy providers, such as the City of Austin Utilities, will not have access to energy provided by Tesla Energy Ventures at this time.

Earlier this year, Tesla partnered with Brookfield Asset Management and Dacra to build its first solar-powered neighborhood. The homes in the community are equipped with Tesla V3 solar roof tiles, Powerwall battery storage systems, and EV charging stations at each home and various locations throughout the neighborhood.

The systems will power the entire community, and any access electricity will be redirected to the grid, leading to compensation for the residents. Elon Musk believes that the project will influence the way builders will plan out future communities.

These developments mark a significant point in the transition to renewables for both residential and commercial utilities. To read up more on the Tesla utilities, click here.


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