Everly Health Expands Portfolio of Women’s Testing With Acquisition of Natalist

Austin-based Everly Health has acquired a women's health startup to bolster its mission of providing diagnostic-driven care for all.


According to a press release, digital health company Everly Health has announced its acquisition of women’s health startup Natalist for an undisclosed amount as part of an all-cash transaction. The move posits Everly Health at the forefront of the virtual diagnostics-driven care industry and marks the third acquisition in as many months in 2021.

Founded in 2019, the South Carolina-based startup and its fertility and pregnancy products line offer support for women on their reproductive journey. Over the past year, Natalist's footprint expanded from 300 to nearly 6,000 brick-and-mortar locations. One of the most popular products is the Natalist pregnancy test.

“Creating innovative solutions for women’s health was my initial motivation for founding Evelrywell and remains a top area of focus,” Julia Cheek, CEO and Founder of Everly Health said in the release. “A survey of our customers revealed that nearly 70% don’t trust many of the women’s health products available on the market today. Natalist’s thoughtfully designed fertility and pregnancy essentials are the solution that so many women are seeking.”

In the U.S., roughly 10% of women or 6.1 million experience issues getting or staying pregnant. Everly Health's acquisition furthers its commitment to increased innovation in the women’s health and wellness space ties into the overarching Everly Health mission to give everyone access to modern, diagnostics-driven care.

Natalist's product suite offers support for women from pre-conception through pregnancy includes tests, supplements, education, lubricants, and self-care items. The products will augment Everlywell’s existing selection of women’s health offerings from collection lab tests for menopause, fertility hormones, sexual health, and more.

“The missions of our two companies have been aligned since day one. We’re working to make sure all people -- especially women -- have access to care that’s simple, convenient, and designed for the way they live,” HalleTecco, Founder and Chief Women’s Health Officer at Natalist said in the release. “Bringing together two brands that are founded and led by women to benefit women everywhere is a great feeling.”

Everly Health’s announcement also disclosed the company’s decision to onboard Natalist’s full team and executive leadership, bringing Everly Health’s portfolio to four subsidiaries: Natalist, Everly Health Solutions, EverlyDx, and Everlywell.


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