TXi Catches up With ExportTek at CES 2022

Have you ever wondered what happens to your device after a trade-in?


TXi's Jason Halsey visited with Texas innovator Jamil Ashour, CEO of ExportTek, to talk about what happens after you trade in your cell phone and the processing of refurbishing those devices.

Refurbish Your Old Devices With ExportTek

Coppell-based ExportTek is an industry-leading tech distributor and provider established to deliver the highest quality in in-demand electronics and services at an affordable price to their customers. Across their five divisions – DistiTek, ServeTek, EcycleTek, PartTek, and OEM- they employ state-of-the-art systems to aid in inventory tracking, packing, quality control, and shipment.

ExportTek works on various devices that include consumer electronics, computer service, and hardware, as well as network IT infrastructure, including servers and data machines. Outside of the refurbishing side of ExportTek's business, they also provide recycling and e-waste management for enterprises.

"There's 200 million consumers that are carried by the carriers AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile," Ashour said. "[With] those 200 million cell phones a year, more than 10% of the consumers trade in their phone[s]... on top of the 3% of the annual consumer that [breaks] their phone. If we do the math, it's roughly 23 million trade-ins a year."


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