Fort Worth Global Entrepreneurship Week Sponsored by Dell Technologies

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Monday, November 8 – Friday, November 12, 2021

Calling all innovators, creatives, entrepreneurs, investors, educators, and students. If you have a passion and interest in entrepreneurship, you will likely find at least a few sessions that fit your fancy during Fort Worth Global Entrepreneurship Week. The goal of the event is to attract those who do things a little differently, take risks, and fill gaps that others cannot even see. Simply Fort Worth Global Entrepreneurship Week is for those that are never satisfied with the status quo.


- Whether you are just dreaming about starting a business, on your first, or a seasoned entrepreneur, the founder-based events will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to find a company. Initial product development, go-to-market strategies, finding funding, and building a team are just some of the covered topics. Start down the path of creating your startup!


- The most popular topic and well-attended events during the week, investment is a critical aspect of entrepreneurship. Different investment models will be highlighted, as well as the legal aspects of investment deals. Find out if your startup is suitable for funding, learn about becoming an investor yourself, and connect with the local startup investment community in DFW.


- Marketing and selling your startup’s products/services is the single most significant challenge for founders. It is complex, and there is no one answer, as each startup has unique challenges. Events around your startup's growth will specifically address digital marketing challenges, inbound and outbound marketing, building your sales team, and creating an exceptional customer experience. Do not miss your chance to change the trajectory of your business.


- Ideas come from many places, and there is no better place to acquire some inspiration than collaborating with the founders, creatives, and startup advocates during the week. These events could be pop-up non-planned events at basecamp or happy hours after the days are done.


- Staying on top of emerging trends can be a challenge. These events will help you get up to speed on subjects like new and emerging technologies, business model innovations, emerging trends for main street business, and many more. If you want to know what the early movers are doing in their industries to keep ahead of the competition, these are the events you need to attend.

Statistics from the event in 2020:

  • Attendees: 1593

  • Largest Global Entrepreneurship Week in the US.

  • Forty-six countries were represented.

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