EVerybody In; GM Unveils Electric Silverado at CES 2022

Updated: Apr 6

CEO Mary Barra says the goal is to be free of combustion engines by 2035.

Silverado EV; GM
CEO Mary Barra at CES 2022

Take one step in Texas and you will quickly realize that pick-up trucks are woven deep into the fabric of our culture. One in five trucks are purchased in Texas, and that number will not slow anytime soon, even with the rise of Electrical Vehicle (EV) registrations.

EVs in Texas

The Chevrolet Silverado ranks as the fourth most common vehicle in Texas, coming in two spots behind the Ford F150. In May, Ford announced its Ford F150 Lightning, an all-electric vehicle.

GM unveiled its answer to the Ford Lightning today at CES 2022 in Las Vegas with a first look at the Silverado EV, the first electric version of the famed pick-up.

Why Is This Significant for Texas?

Texas ranks third in the nation in EV registrations, falling only behind California and Florida. As the Silverado EV marks the start of GM's massive investment into EVs, the automaker wants to focus on fleet vehicles for commercial uses.

In 2021, the Lone Star State utilized 32,334 fleet vehicles, with 16,875 of them using alternative fuels. When the Silverado EV officially releases in 2023, Texans will see all-electric truck fleets.

"We no longer need to imagine a zero-emission future; we're building it," GM CEO Mary Barra said. "We can, we must, and we are, for everyone."


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