Harvest Returns and Bear Hug Cattle Company Partner Offer Veterans Resources To Succeed in Ranching

To assist the transition back to civilian life, Harvest Returns and Bear Hug Cattle Company are offering opportunities for veterans to try their hand at ranching.


Photo by Sydney Rae on Unsplash

The agriculture investing platform, Harvest Returns, announced in a press release a partnership with Bear Hug Cattle Company, a non-profit providing veterans with opportunities in the ranching community. The partnership will offer veterans the resources, knowledge, and funding required to be successful within the ranching industry.

Members of the military who are transitioning back to civilian life will be offered a 10-week intensive course to gain confidence in horsemanship, ranch tasks, basic ranch economics, and to receive field training at various historic operational ranches in the western U.S.

"Veterans and ranchers alike are selfless, value-driven, leadership-focused, hardworking, outdoor-oriented, and mission-centered. Veterans are trained to get up early, work long hours in tough environments, and function as part of a small team. This military work ethic is something highly sought after by ranch owners across the country, but many service members typically lack the knowledge and resources to learn how to make this transitional leap," Benjamin Minden, Founder of Bear Hug Cattle Company said in a press release.

For its part, Harvest Returns will offer a ranching-based finance course and offer graduates discounted fundraising services on their platform. "As a company founded and run by veterans, our partnership with Bear Hug Cattle Company is a natural fit," Chris Rawley, a 29-year Navy veteran and CEO of Harvest Returns said in the press release.

"We are excited about working with new veteran ranchers and helping them fund their operations."

Harvest Returns is a Fort Worth, TX-based financial tech marketplace founded in 2016 by military veterans and works to bring agricultural producers together with investors. With a pool of 8,000 investors, it has provided more than $17 million in funding opportunities to early-stage agribusiness.

Bear Hug Cattle Company acts as a transition assistance tool for veterans to assist them in gaining new skills and offering the opportunity to gain experience at ranches across the country. The nonprofit’s mission is based on the notion that a cowboy lifestyle and team environment work to lend excitement for the soldier’s integration into civilian life, and potentially save lives through newfound passion and purpose.


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