Houston Healthcare Provider Oncology Consultants Addresses Inefficiencies in the Revenue Process

Glide Health will work with Oncology Consultants to identify and address inefficiencies in the revenue process.


According to a press release, Oncology Consultants, an adult oncology and hematology practice in Houston, recently announced its adoption of Glide Health to its revenue cycle department. Glide Health is a company that supports healthcare providers to achieve "increased revenue and operational efficiency."

Glide Health has found that "healthcare revenue cycle inefficiencies are a $300B problem in the United States." To address this issue, the company will implement artificial intelligence-powered software to identify and correct inefficiencies in the revenue process.

According to the Valdosta Daily Times, analytics and data are collected in real-time, to provide the most accurate report possible.

“Oncology billing is complex with different rules depending on the payer. This can lead to revenue loss impacting our financial performance,” Alti Rahman Practice Administrator at Oncology Consultants said in the press release. “Glide the Health ensures best practices by predicting denials with great accuracy and providing information to correct claims prior to submission. Additionally, their Revenue Integrity solution ensures that we are billing every claim correctly.”

By identifying the inefficiencies in the revenue process, Oncology Consultants can focus on carrying out its commitment to state-of-the-art cancer treatment in a caring environment.

An intriguing and vital aspect of Glide's system is the ability to leverage data to potentially predict negative events before they happen. This does not mean negative impacts on the healthcare process, rather ones that impact financial performance.

“Glide’s innovative platform not only learns from clinical and financial data to make predictions about payer behavior, it’s also built to identify patient-specific patterns – leading to improved reimbursement and increased revenue,” Bhupesh Bajaj co-founder and CTO of Glide Health said in the press release. “Additionally, the platform is learning every day, removing the need for our customers to stay on top of continuously changing payer rules – the platform does it autonomously.”


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