Houston's The Village School Hosts Third Annual Innovation Day to Spotlight Innovative Students

The Village School in Houston hosted its third annual event to share youth creativity and highlight ingenuity.

The Village School; Innovation Day; Houston
Photos courtesy of The Village School and Laura Frnka-Davis

Fostering creativity of expression at an early age is critical to developing a lifelong love of learning. Lifelong learners are individuals inspired to continually increase their personal development and look for ways to expand their knowledge.

Students at The Village School were able to showcase their love of learning at the third annual Innovation Day on March 3, highlighting forward-thinking ideas and offering a glimpse into the possibilities of tomorrow's innovation.

The Village School, located in the Energy Corridor of Houston, is a private day and boarding school offering a rigorous K-12 curriculum to students from 80+ nationalities. The school pairs robust academics with a range of clubs and inspiring field trips to broaden students' learning experience.

Merging Ingenuity and Creativity

Now, in its third year, Innovation Day offers students the chance to put their ingenuity into practice. The event brought together current and prospective families to the campus, as well as members of Houston's growing innovation community and members of local consulates.

The third edition was designed as a conference beginning with "parent pathway sessions." These sessions offered parents the choice to tour each of the event's divisions to observe real-time innovative teaching and learning within the school's classrooms.

Keynote speakers included two of the school's own innovative students who spoke on the impact of innovation in education and shared their learning experience at the Village School. Student exhibitors were showcased and translated how to execute novel ideas throughout the day.

A student exhibitor shared how their particular project resulted from an interest that intensified during the pandemic.

"In my booth 'Fantastic Fungi,' I presented the research I've conducted both personally and in association with the IB Biology coursework over the effect of electric stimulation on mushroom growth. I actually got into this research through an interest in fungi that started in middle school and really grew during COVID, leading to me choosing it as my IA topic at the start of last semester."

The student expressed their excitement for sharing new-found knowledge.

"The reason why I thought this was so important to showcase at Innovation Day was because of how underappreciated fungi are, despite the amazing qualities they possess and potential they hold in the field of scientific discovery - they are incredibly complex creatures that hold knowledge which will shape the future of medicine, industry, and even culture. I've had the pleasure of presenting at Village's Innovation Day for the past three years, and this year was undoubtedly my favorite as it was wonderful getting to see and inspire young minds through sharing my passion on this subject!"

Change-Makers Shape Tomorrow's Ideas

Year after year, Innovation Day brings out the best and brightest, and this year's event proved no exception. The following projects and technologies were all created by student innovators.

Aditi Ramesh-Iyer (grade 11)

Aditi created Neurhythm, an AI-enabled device that learns the music to calm the user (i.e. Alzheimer's patients) as it monitors the user's heart rate and selects the music that the user responds to best.

Yuvaanh Agarwal (grade 3)

Yuvaanh showcased Photonix, a project that uses reverse electroluminescence to generate electricity from visible light.

Audrey Ajakaye (grade 12)

Audrey showcased her brand, the Love My Skin app. LMS is an AI-powered platform designed to correctly identify a person's skin condition. For more on Audrey, click here.

The InNAOvation Group (high school students)

AI robot named NAO programmed by computer science students. The group comprises young girls whose club is called the "Steminists." For a video of their previous year's submission, click here.

The Aviation Club at Village (high school students)

Demonstrated their knowledge in aviation and set off seven rockets throughout the day.

Steam Roller Printing (middle school students)

The Village art teacher rented a steamroller to help students with their large print art projects. The idea stemmed from the art teacher's desire to engage the students further into art.

Ashleigh Reese (grade 12)

Grew mushrooms to test the effects of shocking vegetation with electricity to increase growth and proved the method works.

The EZ Rent Company (grade 12 boarding school students from around the world)

This group showcased the EZ Rent Company, a brand that connects people who need to rent nearly any item on a short-term basis, with others who possess the required item(s) and are willing to rent them.


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Highlighting the next generation and furthering their innovative spirit is crucial for the future of Texas. Visit nordangliaeducation.com to learn more about The Village School and Innovation Day.