HTeaO Is Brewing Throughout Texas

HTeaO, the Amarillo-based tea chain, serves up iced tea with a wide variety of different flavor add-ins to choose from, with sizes ranging from 24 ounces up to 51 ounces. HTeaO was created by Justin Howe, son of two Amarillo restaurateurs.

Currently, there are 32 locations across Texas and as if that was not already enough, the chain is expanding rapidly with hundreds of new franchises in the works.

The tea company offers a total of 26 flavors you can add to your drink, which is enough for everyone to enjoy. Inside each location, self-serve dispensers are offering both sweet and unsweet mix-in options. Customers also have the chance at adding fresh fruit to their drink, including strawberries, kiwi, and even coconut.

Each location has a drive-through for customer convenience and simplicity for when you want a quick and easy drink on the go. As Texans, we know how important that is, especially in the summer months when you’re looking for a drink to cool you off.

The beverage chain also offers a happy hour from 2 to 4 p.m., making all drinks half price. So, if you are considering giving them a try, we recommend you go during this time to get the most bang for your buck!

According to Texas Monthly, reviews on Facebook show how devoted HTeaO’s customers are, with comments saying,

“We live at HTeaO”

“We buy in-store and even mail the tea bags to my mother-in-law.”

After noticing how popular flavored tea was at his parent's restaurant, he decided to open his first store, originally named Texas Tea.

After picking up on the popularity, Howe began expanding the company’s roots and it has become this frenzy that many are picking up on, especially on social media. Franchises stretch across Lubbock, Andrews, Pecos, and San Angelo. You can also find the stores on the outskirts of popular Texas cities like San Antonio and Austin.

“We’ve got thirty-two [stores] open, thirty-seven in some phase of construction, and another one hundred and fifty in development,” Howe said.

The innovative tea chain is making a name for itself here in Texas, and we cannot wait to see where a franchise location opens next.

To find a location near you, visit the HTeaO website here.