Healthcare Franchisees Discover Winning Formula For Offering In-Home Support Services in Texas

Baylor University graduates Spencer Robinson and Trung Giang launched two At-Home Healthcare locations in Temple and Waco to fill the rising demand for home healthcare services.


When you think of a small business, you likely think of a favorite boutique in your hometown or a regularly frequented mom-and-pop restaurant. The term "small business" is dynamic and in 2021, many small businesses operate in the form of franchises.

For these two innovators, their entrepreneurial spirit and energy for innovation are channeled through providing quality, in-home healthcare for adult and pediatric patients in Texas. Spencer Robinson and Trung Giang received their respective MBA’s from Baylor and chose to open Right at Home In Home Care & Assistance healthcare franchise locations in Waco and Temple, respectively.

A Personal Connection

Coming from very different backgrounds, both professionally and geographically, Waco became a north star because it was the place Trung and Spencer had in common.

In the COVID-era, everyone applauds those who choose a career in healthcare during these unprecedented times. To date, experts estimate that COVID has taken the lives of 115,000 healthcare workers globally.

Spencer’s decision was based on his family’s experience of identifying an agency that could offer his loved ones the stability, dependence, and compassion every patient deserves. After working through the arduous process of finding trusted care, he hoped to alleviate other families from experiencing the same frustration.

For Trung, opening a Right at Home in Waco and Temple allowed him to use his strength and background in business management to fulfill his goal of pursuing a role in healthcare to serve the community. As the friends studied the market, they realized the importance of home care services and began to see a rising demand for them. As hospitals became overwhelmed at the height of the pandemic, more families sought assistance from home healthcare services with companies like Right at Home.

The Future Is Promising for Home Healthcare in Texas

A recent study found older patient preference is to receive care at home, allowing for more personalized and tailored care options for potentially more favorable outcomes. However, an important part of that equation is ensuring that the patient receives quality care, a need the duo has solved with Right at Home.

“We have had instances when clients really enjoyed a particular caregiver and sometimes our caregiver moved on to bigger and better things," Spencer said. "One time, I had a client who told me we would never find him another caregiver as great as the one that had just left. We proved him wrong by finding him a different caregiver that he enjoys just as much.”

According to the Harvard Business Review, one of the most promising opportunities to improve care and lower costs is the shift to care delivery to the home. Finding the proper caliber of healthcare professionals and the rise of care costs are driving forces for the market growth of the home health industry.

As was the case for franchisees Spencer and Trung, the opportunity to establish Right at Home in their communities was necessary with current healthcare trends. Thanks to these innovators, vulnerable patients in Waco and Temple can now receive timely and trusted services from the comfort of their homes.


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