Inexpensive BMX Park in San Antonio Puts Kids on Track for Competitive Fun

Looking for a fun place to let your kids engage in a competitive sport? San Antonio has just the spot for you!

Head on over to a family-friendly park located behind Freedom Hill Church on Eisenhower Road. Kids of all ages can are flocking to participate in some good ol' outdoor fun at San Antonio's low-cost BMX park, Lone Star BMX.

According to KSAT, Peanut Converse, 15, said she began visiting the park when she was 8 where she said she grew to love a sport that sparked her interest. “To be myself and not worry about anyone else who’s around me. And I’m having fun on my own,” she said.

Her dad was the one who first introduced her to the sport, explaining he once participated in BMX when he was young. “They’re accountable for their own performance and their own behavior. They need to be good people first and good athletes second. Get the kids away from the tech, get them off their phones, get them off their tablets and Netflix, and bring them out here. Let them try it out and you’ll be surprised,” Converse said.

The track is intended for anyone over 2-years-old and was first created by Tanner Sebesta, who is in charge of operating the non-profit track. He competes professionally and helps train advanced kids at the San Antonio track.

Converse said the sports is one of a kind, seeing as though you can invest a good amount of money into it or participate for pure fun. “It can be as expensive as you want it to be. There’s people that throw ridiculous amounts of money at it and there’s people that can just go in with just whatever bike they get from Walmart,” he said.

While races are free to watch, kids who want to participate in the races themselves are charges a fee. However, the track offers rental loaner bikes and all kids need to provide is a helmet.

Interested in the Lone Star BMX track? Here is a full schedule of upcoming races.

For more information, view the original article from KSAT.