Innovation Is Bigger in Texas

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Texas Innovators is a digital magazine focused on showcasing the inspiring stories of innovators throughout Texas. Created to provide a central hub for the stories of the people that are driving Texas into the future, the idea was cultivated by the stories of innovation that its creators heard every day.

As an HR service provider, Matt Lowman and Jason Halsey have a front-row seat to the powerful innovation driven by its client employees at Integrity HR Management. Realizing these stories are commonplace among organizations across Texas, Texas Innovators aims to share these successes with its readers. The people of Texas are working hard every day to make an impact on the world around them and these are their stories.

More from the founders.

"We are thrilled to announce the official launch of Texas Innovators. A digital magazine and news platform that will celebrate the achievements of our neighbors. Across Texas, people are working every day to make our lives better. The social worker who figures out a unique way to affect the lives of children, the researcher working on a cure for cancer, or the business owner who has identified a niche in a growing market.

The stories are all unique but they have three things in common:

  • People working together to achieve a goal

  • A process that helps guide the delivery of that goal

  • Unyielding persistence to reach the goal

This is the essence of Innovation and we are committed to telling their stories." - Jason Halsey


"Bruce Lee said, “I don’t fear the man who has done ten thousand moves, I fear the man who has done one move ten thousand times”.

I believe the reason is when you persevere and master your craft you make many micro improvements that over time become incredible and amazing achievements.

When I think about Texas Innovators I think about the people throughout our state who have persevered and mastered their craft to the point of making the extraordinary seem easy. As Texans have always had a sense of independence and carving out our paths, we want to shine a light on those people, and hopefully, if we are lucky inspire others to do the same." -Matt Lowman

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