Innovative App Preserves Waste, Sells Restaraunt Leftovers in Austin

According to a 2018 City of Austin report, over a million pounds of food is thrown away every day. However, a new app seeks to change that by connecting locals with fresh leftovers that would otherwise go to waste.

Too Good To Go, launched on July 14 and has provided consumers the opportunity to purchase surprise bags of food from local businesses at a fraction of the cost, as reported by KXAN. Currently, the app has partnerships with 60 local restaurants, bakeries, and cafes. The price of food ranges from $4 to $6.

“We throw away one-third of the food we produce on the planet, which is crazy to think about,” Lucie Basch, co-founder of Too Good To Go said. “The great opportunity in there is that we can all be part of the solution.”

Currently, food waste is a problem affecting the whole world and contributes to 8% of greenhouse gas emissions. Since 2011, Austin has worked tirelessly to reduce the amount of waste they send to landfills and hopes to eliminate 90% of it by 2040.

Jennifer Le, general manager of La Condesa, mentioned she had no hesitation when it came to joining Too Good To Go and help eliminate food waste in the city.

“What we do is box up the food and allow guests throughout all of Austin to purchase it at a discounted rate, and they can enjoy a little piece of La Condesa,” Le said. “To see that Austin is bringing it here, it’s amazing.”

The app originated in Europe and quickly expanded to multiple cities in the U.S.; Austin is the tenth city to partner with the app.

While the app has focussed heavily on eliminating food waste, it also seeks to fight food insecurity by providing local community members with tasty affordable options.

For those looking to find more information about how the app works, click here.

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