International Environmental Complex “EcoPlex” Planned for Fort Worth

Imagine a futuristic “living laboratory” that showcases, promotes, and invests in new technology and innovative solutions to environmental and ecological challenges. Imagine the influence such a location would have in shaping a sustainable and equitable future.

This very idea is being manifested in EcoPlex, an international environmental complex to be based in Fort Worth. Joseph Horn, a seasoned international lawyer turned environmentalist, is at the center of this city-wide collaboration to make Fort Worth a world sustainability capital.

The vision for EcoPlex is an incubation center for environmental innovation and sustainable development in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Systematic collaboration is the focus of the complex and will allow for innovators at all levels to come together to advance the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

“EcoPlex will be home to a community of leaders made up of scientists, researchers, established businesses, and entrepreneurs. Together they will connect to the global sustainability community and set a new standard for solving these life-threatening planetary problems. Committed to a culture of collaboration, the entire complex will be designed and built so that it can easily connect in real-time with the global sustainable community.”

EcoPlex will establish the U.S.’s first:

- National Environmental Museum™

- International environmental complex

- Physical center for collaboration

- National Sustainability Incubator

- EcoLeaders Institute™

The National Environmental Museum™, America’s first-ever museum dedicated exclusively to the environment, will be the showpiece of the facility.

EcoPlex is founded upon these Five Pillars:

  1. EcoAccelerator: Center for Innovation and Applied Sciences™

  2. EcoCollaborator: Earth EpiCenter™

  3. EcoSandbox: National Environmental Museum™

  4. EcoSecurator: Center for Global Resilience™

  5. EcoSustainer: EcoLeaders Institute™

Joseph Horn is featured on the 35th episode of the Fort Worth Innovates Podcast, Sustainability in the Fort, hosted by Cameron Cushman, the Assistant Vice President of Innovation Ecosystems at HSC Fort Worth.

If this sounds like a project you or your organization may be interested in or simply want to get more information, email

Click here to view the Overview Brochure for EcoPlex.

Click here to view the Five Pillars Brochure for EcoPlex.