Invenergy Building 1,310 Megawatt Solar Energy Center in Texas

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Last November, the company Invenergy began construction on the Samson Solar Energy Center which is designed to cover three Texas counties. This five-phase project will provide 1,310-megawatts exceeding the 690-megawatt Gemini project who holds the current title for the largest solar project planned in the United States. Invengery's solar center will not only provide $250 million for private landowners, but it will also create almost 600 jobs during its construction.

There are plans to divvy up the power among the following companies:

  • AT&T - 500 megawatts

  • Honda - 200 megawatts

  • McDonalds - 600 megawatts

  • City of Bryan, Texas - 150 megawatts

  • Google - 100 megawatts

Texas focusing on solar power has allowed the state to become an epicenter for utility-scale solar development the last couple of years.