TXi Tireside Chat; A Look at Autonomous Farming in Texas With John Deere

Updated: Jan 13

John Deere provided a glimpse into the future of farming at CES 2022.


Co-creator of Texas Innovators, Jason Halsey, stopped by the John Deere pavilion at CES 2022 for a “tireside” chat to discuss John Deere’s unveiling of their autonomous fleet of tractors. Jason is joined by Julian Sanchez, Director of Emerging Technology at John Deere, and Igino Cafiero, CEO of Bear Flag Robotics. John Deere recently acquired Bear Flag Robotics to drive the innovations behind the companies fully autonomous fleet of tractors.

Autonomous Farming in Texas

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Texas is the nation’s leader in the number of farms and ranches with 247,000 farms and ranches covering 126 million acres in 2020. Texas’ place as a leader in agriculture makes the state poised to be a leader in leveraging John Deere’s fully autonomous technology to increase efficiency and alleviate the workload of farmers. Farmers are the backbone of the American economy, providing food, fiber, and fuel.

John Deere’s autonomous tractor serves a specific purpose: feeding the world. As the global population grows along with the people of Texas, farmers are always looking to innovate their production process and minimize costs, whether that is labor or cost of inputs. John Deere aims for its autonomous fleet to aid in this increased efficiency through its variety of sensors and the system's data.

Check out the interview to understand how John Deere arrived at its autonomous fleet, the benefits for farmers, and the appeal for talent to work on such a product.

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