TXi With Justin Tupper; Senior Vice President at NBC Sports and GolfPass

Jason Halsey caught up with Justin Tupper to discuss GolfPass and to highlight his journey from startup founder to NBC executive, at CES day one.


Texans love their golf; if you couldn't tell by the 907 courses scattered throughout the state. The sport made its way to the Lone Star State from Scotland in the 1800s, with San Antonio, Galveston, and Dallas serving as the first centers for golf. Additionally, Texas is the only state in the south to have hosted the U.S. Open, Ryder Cup, and PGA Championship.

Luckily for Texans, GolfPass is driving innovation to enhance the future of golf through technology, making it that much easier to get out and play the game they love.

Fostering a Startup Mentality in the Corporate World

Justin Tupper, Senior Vice President at NBC Sports and GolfPass, created a platform in 2011 that incorporated tips and instruction videos for the avid golfer, called Revolution GOLF. Tupper's grass-root business turned into the most comprehensive golf platform on the planet through its multi-million subscribers and, in 2017, was purchased by Golf Now and NBC Sports.

Like many founders who reach high levels of success, Tupper recalled the challenging transition from building his startup to a large corporation.

"It wasn't easy at first. You know, I would love to sit here and tell you it was, but it was very different and frustrating a little bit at first till I sort of navigated and learned my way around there," Tupper said. "But once I did and I got to know everybody, and I really saw what was missing, as I helped sell to them that, 'hey, we need to take this tee-time business and we need to take Revolution GOLF, and we need to build it into one business,' and that became this business called GolfPass."

From there, Tupper thrust back into the startup mindset to grow and scale GolfPass through the resources NBC provides. Now, in 2022, their platform reigns as the number one hub for all things golf.

"We took a segment and built a GolfPass team, and so it was literally just like building a startup again, and now it got competitive, and we wanted to sit there and roll up our sleeves and get to work and see progress," Tupper said. "Because when you walk into NBC Sports ... you can't really move the needle. I mean, it's a big behemoth, and normally, you're sort of doing a job that's hard to measure in a lot of ways. But with [GolfPass], this was a new business within a business, so it's easy to measure the success. Therefore you can rally the troops. You just got to be able to still take that startup mentality, set goals, and get there."


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