Leading SEO Company Migrates From California to Texas and Looks to Create New Jobs in the Region

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

If the recent news of companies in all industries flocking to Texas were not enough to convince you that the Lone Star State is experiencing a boom in corporate expansion, a top California search engine optimization (SEO) company recently disclosed plans to bring their website development team to Austin.

DIQ SEO announced in a press release that it would leave Silicon Valley for Austin’s Silicon Hills, and will look to hire 91 new employees in Texas over the next three years. The top digital marketing agency implements technology for business development purposes, including website developers, SEO experts, automation specialists, content development professionals, syndicated press releases managers, citation bursts consultants, and software application developers. The move is touted as an opportunity to allow more access to Texas companies looking to advance business development through technology.

Erik Avery, CEO and Founder of DIQ SEO, shared the reasoning behind the move, saying “in short, it's the people of Texas that we admire and that are showing us a better way to move forward. I can see my family surrounded by the people who live there and that gives me more hope for the future. We look forward to preserving Texas and have no interest in changing it, in fact, you might say we wish we could roll the clock backward and see the texas neighborly culture as it was even a few years ago before everyone moved there in mass."

When asked what sets DIQ SEO apart from others, Avery described his company as, “a team of detail-oriented Digital Marketing Professionals with a foundation in Search Engine Optimization Marketing. DIQ SEO has vast experience translating the client's needs into all-encompassing marketing strategies. The focus centers around creating highly functional website environments that streamline SEM, SEO, PPC processes, leverage multi-channel funnels within each vertical, creating an omnichannel seamless sales experience for the user while generating analytics for optimizing marketing channels throughout the sales funnel journey to present transparent ROI to the client. I classify our digital marketing team as an exceptional analytic individual with vast experience in business development, communicating and translating clients/management goals using our problem-solving tenacity."

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