Texas-based LoveHandle Debuts LoveHandle PRO at CES 2022

The LoveHandle PRO incorporates a new kickstand to use your device in any vertical or horizontal setting.


TXi's Jason Halsey visited with Texas innovator Dave Watts, co-founder of LoveHandle, to discuss the debut of the LoveHandle PRO at CES 2022.

LoveHandle PRO Continues Line of Impressive Phone Technology From Texas Companies

The big winner from Las Vegas? Cellphones.

Not just the technology associated with devices, but the accessories for your phone now incorporate innovations in technology that enhance the user experience.

Just looking at participants from the Lone Star State, this year's event allowed you to unlock your world without unlocking your phone through smart LED battery cases and bring your plastics to life through scented ones.

Rosharon-based LoveHandle continued that trend as it unveiled its latest product, the LoveHandle PRO, at CES 2022.

The premier feature that this latest version of the famed phone grip boasts is the addition of a kickstand that is sturdy enough to use in any vertical or horizontal position.

The LoveHandle PRO also:

  • Uses a 3M very-high-bonding (VHB) peel and stick strap.

  • Can be used on any phone, tablet, or case.

  • Allows you to change out the band's design to fit any look.


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