Moving With Moxi

Thinking back on our perceptions of the future, it seems like we should be overrun by robots at this point.

Instead of having robots that take potential jobs from humans, we have robots that ease the stress and workload of one of the most demanding jobs in society.

The healthcare industry was hit harder by COVID-19 than any other profession. According to a study from Healthcare Finance, 84% of nurses reported that they felt at least mildly burned out from work, with 18% feeling completely burned out.

Our nurses, especially during the pandemic, work long hours and spend an astonishing 30% of their time fetching and gathering supplies. This involves gathering personal protective equipment (PPE), lab results, medicine, and whatever else a patient may need.

With all of the time spent running around, in addition to caring for patients and their families, how could a nurse not be completely exhausted by the end of their 10-hour shift?