Navigating the Digital Landscape With Jonathan Weisman of JWeisMarketing

Updated: Aug 13

Photo taken via JWeisMarketing on Facebook

In this day and age, just about everything we know is switching over to digital platforms. Shopping, news articles, books, even school is online now.

With the rise of social media, digital marketing is the future. Every company that sells a product or service, if they have not already, will eventually make the switch to the online platform.

Jonathan Weisman, owner and founder of JWeisMarketing, understands the internet landscape better than anyone. He made his switch to the digital side of business nearly a decade ago.

“In 2012, I got into e-commerce. I launched an online supplement company,” Weisman said. “Prior to that, I was in the hospitality business. I have owned sports bars, lounges, and nightclubs for over 10 years. After hitting a certain age, it was time to make a career change that didn’t limit your growth potential.”

JWeisMarketing can be found in Sugar Land, Texas as part of the greater Houston area. Weisman’s roots originate in Houston. Though the digital world can be executed from anywhere with an internet connection, the relationships he built locally prompted him to stay in Houston.

“What we do, honestly, I feel like it could run anywhere in the world. That’s what’s good about being digital,” Weisman said. “I have a very large network here, a large family that has been born and raised, so it made sense to stay rooted in a town I know and love.”

In addition to being an owner in the hospitality business, Weisman built and sold many successful companies throughout the 2010s. His experiences as a businessman led him to start JWeisMarketing, which enables him to help others find success.

“I’m an entrepreneur, that’s what I do. I build and scale companies,” Weisman said. “I wanted to do something where I could go help other entrepreneurs. More so, aspiring entrepreneurs, help them grow and scale their business the same way I did mine.”

Weisman and his team work with a variety of different companies. What enables their strategy to work for each of these different businesses involves analyzing and building each company from its foundation to its peak.

“I think the first part is building their brand and their infrastructure. They have to have a solid infrastructure and platform to work on,” Weisman said. “What we do in marketing, we are going to flood somebody with leads. If they don’t have the infrastructure to support it, then those leads go unanswered and it can hurt a company or a brand’s reputation more than it can help it.”