New CDC Guidelines Say Vaccinated Adults Do Not Need to Wear Masks Outside

As of Tuesday, April 27, 2021, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that fully vaccinated adults do not need to wear masks outside, unless in large crowds.

While the recommendation to keep masks on during indoor and large outdoor gatherings, this is still a large step towards normalcy.

To date, at least 30% of the United States population has been fully vaccinated, with 42% receiving at least one dose. As more adults continue to receive their vaccines, more mandates will begin to have their restrictions examined.

While the transmission of the disease is much lower outdoors versus indoors, those who are not vaccinated should still take precautions with social distancing and masks.

For those who are still not vaccinated, all adults are now eligible for the COVID vaccine. President Joe Biden urged those who are not vaccinated to take the initiative and receive one as soon as possible.

The bottom line is clear, if you’re vaccinated you can do more things more safely both outdoors as well as indoors,” Biden said. “For those who haven’t gotten their vaccination yet, especially if you’re younger or thinking you don’t need it, this is another great reason to go and get vaccinated now.”

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