New Face Mask Protects Against COVID-19

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

A new mask has been patented by company JustAir, Inc. that uses a portable powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR). Not only does it protect surrounding people but it also protects the wearer by filtering the user's inhaled and exhaled air through a medical-grade HEPA filter. On a single charge it can run for 12 hours without fogging up glasses and causing a sweaty face.

“JustAir provides the same type of personal protection but without the suit or the helmet associated with industrial PAPRs,” said Dan Burnett, JustAir’s CEO. “The system provides a continuous supply of filtered air to the user, minimizing the accumulation of carbon dioxide from exhaled breath.”

The medical device company offers its consumer version for $249.

JustAir moved to San Antonio in 2020 because of the great potential for growth and their desire to fuel the growth in the community's ecosystem. Burnett is raising a $1 million bridge round to get the company to its Series B round. He believes his product will be useful even after COVID-19 for health care workers.