North Texas Food Bank Receives Donation From Atmos Energy to Combat Food Insecurity

1 in 8 Texans experiences food insecurity. 1 in 5 children in Texas experience hunger.

Credit: North Texas Food Bank

According to a press release, the North Texas Food Bank (NTFB) recently received a generous donation of $100,000 from Atmos Energy in an effort to end food insecurity.

According to Yahoo Finance, a total of 300,000 meals will be provided to over 800,000 North Texas residents who are currently experiencing food insecurity.

The donation from Atmos Energy highlights a commitment to invest in educational, literacy, energy assistance, and food security resources in the 1,400 communities it serves. Throughout the state, 1 in 8 Texans experiences food insecurity, as Texas is one of nine states with levels above the national average.

“We are thankful for corporate partners like Atmos Energy that are bridging the gap between hunger and help in North Texas,” Trisha Cunningham, North Texas Food Bank president and CEO said in the release. “Their gift addresses the significant hunger needs in our community, including the 1 in 5 children who are facing food insecurity. We are deeply grateful for Atmos Energy’s trust and will use these funds to advance our mission of a hunger-free and healthy North Texas.”

The NTFB is located in an area with the fifth-highest level of food-insecure children in the country. 20% of children in Texas experience hunger, which poses detrimental impacts beyond just a lack of available food.

Along with fighting food insecurity, this monetary amount will also go towards providing families with ingredients to make well-balanced meals to nurture a healthy lifestyle. The goal of the NTFB is "to ensure year-round food assistance for students and families, these programs work with educators to identify chronically hungry kids and students who qualify for free and reduced meals to provide healthy, non-perishable items as well as fresh produce."

“Research tells us that food insecurity and health issues often go hand-in-hand,” Oric Walker, Atmos Energy vice president of public affairs said in the release. “Hundreds of thousands of families in need turn to the North Texas Food Bank for access to nutritious foods. The NTFB then goes a step beyond to educate families, seniors, and children about eating nutritiously on a budget, and they partner with community gardens that offer more access to fresh, locally grown produce.”

To help fight against hunger and give back to your community, we encourage all Texas residents to connect with a local food bank or similar charity to give back in any way they can.


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