Olmos Park Physio Pushes Endurance Athletes To Maintain Competitive Edge

The San Antonio clinic, led by Dr. Will Gonzaba, couples high-quality treatments with tailored one-on-one consultations to optimize training.


Each new year signals an opportunity to conquer challenges or take on new and exciting endeavors. For many, this includes ramping up their athletic performance or trying a new or challenging sport. While training factors significantly in the development of an athlete, recovery is equally important to prevent injury and burnout.

One San Antonio clinic helps endurance athletes keep their edge with high-quality treatments through one-on-one consultations. Olmos Park Physio (OPP), led by owner Dr. Will Gonzaba, offers patients treatments that allow them to compete pain-free, offering valuable demos and advice on social media to inform and educate the community.

"90% of my clients are endurance athletes, but I see people outside of this type of athlete. Most of my patients are involved in some recreation or sport at a high level, including weight lifters," Gonzaba said.

Combining Education With Training

With a wide range of places to enjoy for outdoor recreation, San Antonio is ideal for anyone looking to flex their athletic prowess. Whether you're a runner or if cycling is more your speed, understanding how important rest and recovery is to your routine can help athletes of any sport. OPP offers an array of services to promote recovery and improve performance, including resources for patients to learn about:

  • Injuries & Conditions

  • Sports Activities

  • Lifestyle Activities

  • Work Activities

  • Injury Care

  • Pain Care

  • Movement Disorders

Gonzaba's background in competitive cycling informs the way he treats his patients, with innovation playing a pivotal role. "A lot of it is thinking about how I can fully serve my clients, even outside of physical therapy. That's why bike fitting appealed to me," Gonzaba said.

Physical Therapy San Antonio; Endurance Athletes
Dr. Will Gonzaba / Credit: @olmosparkphysio on Instagram

"A lot of my cycling patients would have to go to bike shops, so I thought, 'why not learn to fit bikes?' For me, it's about looking at what other things people need to function well. To get from injury to feeling well, and finding services to make them perform well."

Gonzaba is a high-level athlete as well, having completed triathlons and duathlons. After receiving his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Texas Health Science Center - San Antonio, he joined Gonzaba Medical Group to open its physical therapy practice in San Antonio.

In 2019, Gonzaba began teaching as a full-time assistant professor at St. Mary's University, where he currently teaches courses in advanced orthopedics, biomechanics, athletic injuries, and anatomy. He applies his knowledge to provide patients with services for orthopedic and sports injuries, manual therapy, and bike fit.

Utilizing San Antonio's Entrepreneurial Community

Gonzaba shared how community resources helped get his company off the ground as a small business owner.

"I leaned on people who have their own businesses. Two of my best friends own gyms, and I began by seeing their clients. They helped me see how to get started," Gonzaba said. "Without those referral sources, it would have been difficult. The cycling and endurance community has also supported me so much; they continue to do so."

In 2022, it's all about looking toward the future.

"We're growing, in the sense of offering more availability for hours, more sponsored patients, and more bike fits. To include additional programs for injured athletes wanting to get back to high-level performance, including cyclists and runners. And longer term, we hope to expand."


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