Oracle Retail Research Study Lends Insight About Consumer Trends Ahead of 2021 Holiday Season

Thinking about getting a head start on your holiday shopping? A study from Oracle shows that you may already be behind.


It is said planning is everything, and as 2021 winds down, a new Oracle Retail consumer research study shows shoppers are working to get a leg up ahead of the holiday gift-giving season. As supply chain disruptions continue impacting consumers, analysts predict things may become worse before they get better, this in large part due to industries not returning to pre-pandemic levels.

According to a press release and study conducted by Oracle, shoppers worry supply chain and delivery delays will negatively affect their holiday plans, and as a result, 52% of Americans have started their holiday shopping early or plan to shop earlier than usual. Of those surveyed, 20% anticipate ordering additional gifts in the event of delay or cancelation, with that number soaring to 44% among Millenials. 34% of older adults plan on buying more gift cards in 2021.

“As we see in the news, the supply chain challenges are a global reality. Regardless, consumers will still measure retailers on their ability to deliver on their wish lists this holiday season,” Mike Webster, senior vice president, and general manager, Oracle Retail said in the press release. “Accountability will be the name of the game. Retailers must have clear visibility into their inventory, a realistic timeline for the fulfillment, and a plan to communicate clearly throughout the order and delivery processes. Through transparency and execution, retailers can earn trust with their customers and build the potential for future loyalty.”

Oracle chose participants from around the globe to participate in its Untold Insights survey. Currently, Oracle has 295 office locations across 76 countries, with its corporate headquarters set to move to Austin.

"The survey polled 5,728 global consumers, including 512 in the United States, in September 2021. The Untold Insights survey asked consumers about their pandemic shopping habits and plans for holiday shopping."


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