“People’s Vaccine” in Development From Texas-Based Institutions

To support underserved populations, the Texas Children’s Hospital (TCH) and the Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) are working with international entity Biological E Ltd. to create a “people’s vaccine.”

The India-based pharmaceutical company is collaborating with the two large Texas institutions to create an affordable COVID-19 vaccine that could potentially be rolled out in India soon, called Corbevax.

Why Corbevax? Well, the TCH and BCM worked together to develop the vaccine’s protein antigen, which has been dubbed as a “spike protein.” This protein allows the body to begin building immunity once it is injected.

"In the midst of India's public health crisis, it is our hope that our Texas Children's and Baylor COVID-19 vaccine can be released for emergency authorization in India and in all countries in need of essential COVID-19 vaccinations," Dr. Peter Hotez, co-director of the Texas Children’s Hospital Center for Vaccine Development said in a news release.

Despite COVID cases gradually falling in India, it is estimated that only 5% of the country’s adults are fully vaccinated.

To date, only 3.4% of India's total population is vaccinated. Chart taken from YCharts.com

“The vaccines currently available cannot be manufactured quick enough to meet supply shortages in low-income countries," Hotez said. "Our vaccine is truly 'the people's vaccine,' created to serve the most marginalized and underserved populations that are hardest hit by this pandemic. This is the vaccine that could be used to vaccinate the world."

The vaccine has shown promise through its first two phases of clinical trials, which has led to the Indian government preordering 300 million doses of Corbevax. The estimated cost of the vaccine would only be around $7 for two doses.

Corbevax recently received a green light to begin its Phase III clinical trials in India. Experts are hoping that everything goes according to plan so the vaccine can be ready to roll out in August and ultimately become the most affordable option to date.

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