Port San Antonio Robotics Company Wins 2021 Innovation Award

Port San Antonio has emphasized showcasing innovations in robotics, especially from companies that are housed on the port’s 1,900-acre platform.

XYREC, located at Port San Antonio in their custom 7,000-square-foot facility, recently was announced as one of the 13 winners of the American Council for Technology and Industry Advisory Council’s (ACT-IAC) 2021 Innovation Award. XYREC was chosen as one of the recipients of this award for their massive innovation in the laser coating removal robot (LCR).

According to Startups San Antonio, XYREC’s LCR is a robotics system standing 72-feet-tall and uses a 20-kilowatt laser to efficiently eliminate paint from an aircraft or other large equipment.

The LCR was designed to strip an aircraft of its paint without damaging the frame. This innovation from XYREC solves an important need in the aircraft industry, as each aircraft in use globally needs to be repainted consistently for efficiency and preventing corrosion.

Photo originally used by Startups San Antonio

Typically, it requires up to 475 gallons of chemicals and roughly 3,700 gallons of water for an aircraft to be refinished. The LCR eliminates the unruly costs and handling of chemicals while drastically enhancing the turnaround time for each aircraft.

“The system delivers flexibility: it works for every aircraft, it can remove any paint very fast, and it can operate in different hangars. The road to get there has been long and winding. To our knowledge, nowhere in the world is such an innovative robot operating or built,” said XYREC CEO Peter Boeijink in an October article by Startups San Antonio.

By using XYREC’s robot, overhead and maintenance costs will be reduced, and it allows personnel such as pilots or the military to return to action that much sooner.

Port San Antonio continues to add extensive value to the Texas innovation scene. Their commitment to robotics systems and widescale innovations will continue to highlight innovators like XYREC, Plus One Robotics, and Reckon.

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